Album Launch, 13/09/19 @ Hoxton Hall, Photography by Nekane Requejo de Ozamiz


Video - Rob Dalton Audio - Alastair Caplin

Better When You’re Back Babe for Woodburner

Icarus Live at The Preservation Rooms

Heavy Doubt Live at The Preservation Rooms

Figment III by Elliott Carter for TPR

Art Book

Whilst preparing for the album, Nina’s father recommended to her that she use art to aid her in the composition process. Her solo performance style has always had a heavy improvisatory feel, avoiding set structures, dynamics and phrasing, allowing Nina the greatest freedom within performance, and making each performance of her songs unique. But as a musician would guess, entering the studio one must have at least basic ideas of structure, timing and song content, in order to work the most efficiently. The idea of setting her work down in a more structured way was daunting and felt stifling. However, using her father’s advice, Nina created an art book to go along with the album, allowing her artistic freedom, whilst honing in on the individual character and form that each song should take. Below are a few pages from that book, linked to some of the songs from the album.